Reset Printer Canon MP140, MP160, MP180, MP210, MP220, MP460, MP470, MP500, MP510, MP520, MP530, MP600, MP610, MP800, MP820, MP810, MP830, MP960, MP970
Reset Canon MP140



Reset methode on canon MP145 work also on MP140, you can read the methode here: reset waste ink counter canon pixma mp145
Reset Canon Pixma MP160, Mp180, MP460
To reset the printer model you can use MPtool software, the reset methode can be found here: reset canon pixma mp160, mp170, mp180 and mp460 using mptool software. But before using MPTools software you must read this comment to reset our printer without error.
Reset Waste Ink Counter Canon Pixma MP210 and Canon Pixma MP220
  1. Start with printer off
  2. Press and hold resume Button (triangle in the circle) and click “Power” button. green led should be on
  3. hold the Power button, release Resume Button.
  4. Without releasing the Power Button, double click “Resume” button and then release Both Buttons.
  5. Click “Resume” for four times then click “Power” button, to confirm the selected action (reset counter absorber).
  6. Turn off the printer and turn on again
Reset Ink Level Canon Pixma MP460 (Manual Methode)

  1. Disconnect the power cable
  2. Hold down power button
  3. Reconnect the power cable
  4. With the power button still down, press twice the “Cancel/Stop” red button
  5. Release the power button
  6. The printer is now in factory mode…(wait about 30 seconds until it says “idle”)
  7. Press the down arrow (next to the “OK” button) until it says “Shipping Mode 1”
  8. Press the “OK” Button
  9. Now with it displaying “Without Cleaning” press the power button
  10. A test page should print
  11. Now open cover
  12. Disconnect the power again
  13. Take both cartridges out like normal
  14. Close cover
  15. Reconnect power cable
  16. Press power button
  17. Replace cartridges
note: Other methode to reset ink level you can use MPtool software
Reset Ink Level Canon MP470
It is basically a modified reset procedure for Canon MP460.
  1. Disconnect the power cable.
  2. Hold down On/Off button.
  3. Reconnect the power cable.
  4. With the power button still down, press the Stop/Reset button twice.
  5. Release the On/Off button.
  6. The printer is now in factory mode (wait until idle is displayed)
  7. Press the right arrow button (next to the OK button) repeatedly until Shipping Mode 3 is displayed.
  8. Press the OK Button
  9. Wait until “Without Cleaning” is displayed and then presss the Stop/Reset button once.
  10. A test page should print.
  11. Open the cover. (the cartridges should position themselves at the far left – the cartridge removal location)
  12. Disconnect the power cable.
  13. Remove both cartridges.
  14. Close the cover.
  15. Reconnect the power cable.
  16. Press the On/Off button.
  17. Wait until a Replace Cartridges message is displayed. Now insert the cartridges.
  18. Wait until the printer is operating in its normal mode. The display shows the normal start menu (ie: Copy).
to view the Ink level
  • Check by going to printer ->properties -> maintenance -> view printer status
Reset Canon Pixma MP520 maybe Work Also on Canon MP500, MP510 and MP530

To reset Canon Pixma MP520 view this article: Resetting Canon Pixma MP520
Reset Methode for Canon MP600, MP610, MP800, MP820, MP810, MP830, MP960, MP970 was removed by admin because doesn’t work
Note: Some of the reset method has update on April 20, 2010